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Getting Started

I decided to start a manufacturing company!

In my head, I can't believe I did this! It's now a baby I created. I thought about this a long time ago and just three weeks ago, I decided that I was going to start a manufacturing company to help other designers to grow their brand through minimum order quantity but still keep quality production high.

I will say, it has been a challenge because I changed my company from a sole proprietorship to a Limited Liability Corporation mid year which is not located in the state the business will be operating. The amount of paperwork is tedious but necessary and quite expensive. But hey! It's New York Right? It wouldn't be a business in NYC if it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

In order to do business in NY, you must file the structure of your company with the Secretary of State, File an EIN number, Open a business checking account, and Apply for a Certificate to charge sales tax depending on your line of business.

Because my company was not established in the State of NY, it was necessary to file a Certificate of Assumed name for the manufacturing side, file an Application of Authorization to do business in NY, Show a copy of the Good Standing Certificate in which your state of business is located, and apply for the Apparel Industry Certificate of Registration. Because I am a woman and considered a minority, I opened an application for the Minority and Women's Business Development Certification as well.

Due to Covid, all applications are either processed online, via fax, or mail. So depending on the department and their process, your response could be anywhere from 2-7 days if application is not expedited for a fee.

I'm soo exhausted but I feel so great about what I'm about to do. We have two clients we are currently working with and can't wait to share the excitement at our opening launch party on Friday, November 6th.

Hope you can join us in celebrating this moment of joy and excitement because "When We Sew, You Grow"

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